Jilly, lodge mascot of the Royal Standard lodge and best friend of Tony Goodman died 11th October 2005
Bro. Tom. Neill    ROH Grand Primo  1983 of the Grand Lodge of Ontario  Died   Saturday  October . 31st  1998
Bro John Cable CP of the Pride of Manston Lodge 9696 Canterbury & District Province  Born 9th October 1945 – Died 11th March 1998   Joined the order 12th May 1995   Second Degree 13th January 1996  Bro John Cable
Brother A.D. Youens KOM  of the Royal Standard Lodge, Canterbury & District Province Died 11th October 1998
Brother Andre Rault ROH of the Duke of Normandie Lodge 7362 , Jersey Province Died 5th November 1998
Bro Harold Christopher Forster ROH PPGP, of the Joseph Leonard Ingledew  Lodge 6216   Stockton and District Province. Died 3rd February 1999 aged 81the 3rd Feb 99
Bro Bernard Childs, of The Dragon No2 Lodge No 10535 of the Nottingham & District Province, Died 20th February 1999 Laid to rest on the 4th March 1999 Aged 67.
Bro Jim Rennie KOM, of ThePride of Manston Lodge No 9696 of the Canterbury & District Province, Died 25th March 1999 Laid to rest on the 1st April  1999 .
Bro.  Ernest Herbert whittaker INIATIATED  6 – 12 – 89 PHILANDTHROPIC  LODGE  NO.5321 KINGSLYNN  PROVINCE DOB.  22 – 3 -1903 RIP.  17 – 8 – 97
Bro.  Ron Butcher INIATIATED  8 – 4 – 96 CHARLES  WYMER LODGE NO.9970 KINGS  LYNN  PROVINCE RIP. 17-10-99
Brother George Theodore Schnitzler R.O.H. Lodge Bayview 149 of the Grand Australasian Banner. Died  24th November 1999.
Brother Robert Gully was initiated into the order on the 27/12/56 in the Major Gaskell Lodge 2311 RAOB GLE LTD and had recently received his 40 years service Jewel from the “Charles Winn lodge 8869” RAOB GLE. Bro Robert Gully passed to the Grand Link above on the 30/06/00 and will be sadly missed by all Brothers at the Charles Winn lodge 8869.
Bro Arthur Tinsley, KOHe was an active member of the three feathers lodge in the stroud and district province, and known and liked by many brothers throughout the country, he passed into the great link on 17/05/2000.
Bro. Don Moffitt ROH ( Toronto & District )
Bro. Barney Lynch KOM N.B. Prov. G/Lodge
Bro. Gerald Wood ROH ( Hamilton & District )
Bro. Victor Major ROH Grand Primo 1969, Grand Lodge of Ontario 1904-2000 ( 96 Years Old )
Bro. Danny Farnworth ROH PPGP, initiated into the Welcome Lodge, No. 2324, Chorley Province, 15th September ’75. Died Sunday, 1st April 2001. During his 25 years in the Order he was a frequent visitor to other Lodges and was well known in a number of local Provinces. In spite of his failing health he continued to attend Lodge until his hospitalization in January.
Brother Baden Tapp (Curly) ROH, HM, PPGP. Passed to the Grand Lodge above on the 21st March 2001, after a long illness. He was a Brother of the Lord Wolverton Lodge 4962 for many many years, and he is a great loss to us all.
Bro Ray Hayyward ROH of the PRIDE OF BEDMINSTER lodge No 3178  BRISTOL, who passed away on the    31/ 08/ 00 , and laid to rest on the 5/ 09/ 00.
Brother Leonard Fredrick Worters K.O.M of The Lord Wolverton Lodge No 4962, who passed to The Grand Lodge Above on the 31st December 1998
Brother Derrick King (1st Degree) passed to the Grand Lodge above, on the 23.07.2001 after a very long illness. Being a long serving Brother or the Lord Wolverton Lodge No 4962. He will be sadly missed by all Officer’s and Brother’s of the Lodge.
BRO JOHN PALETHORPE ROH. Died on June 2, 2001, aged 53, after a very long painful illness. He was the secretary of the William Howell Buckley Lodge 547. During his buff career he achieved PGM, PROH, PKC. Bro John was a stickler for rules of the order and he will be loved and remembered by all the brethren of the province.
Bro David Bradshaw KOM Provincial Grand Chamberlain, Gosport & District PGL. Died tragically in a road accident 27th July 2001. Deeply mourned by his brothers in the Sir Harry Knapp Lodge, and throughout the province.
Bro James Burrows ROH Founder of the James Tibble Absit Invidia Lodge no 10352, Gosport & District Province. Passed into light 18th June 2001, a day short of his 70th birthday. A good and worthy brother
Bro  Fred  Mead  r o h  p p g p  stewkley lodge no 8084.  north  bucks  province    died  25-5-90
Bro  Tom  Roadnight  r o h.   stewkley  lodge no  8084.   north  bucks  province.   died  17-6-97.
Bro  D.O  Pullinger  r o h.  p p g p.   stewkley  lodge no  8084.  north  bucks  province.   died  21-8-00.
Bro  Tom  Gailbraith  r o h.  stewkley no 8084,  north  bucks  province    died  1-2-92.
Bro  Ken Mmason  r o h.  stewkley  lodge no 8084.  north  bucks  province   died  9-3-98.
Bro  Edward. a  Sutton  r o h.  stewkley  lodge no 8084.  north  bucks  province    died may  1998
Brother Charles Stanley Ford Lodge Happy Jack 712. G.A.B.  Passed away 3rd October 1999  in Lismore New South Wales Australia
Bro Frank Petty R.O.H. Laid to rest on June 1, 2001 P.G.P of the Isle of Wight twice during his fifty years plus with the Order the last time in the year 2000, he will be sadly missed by all brothers on the Isle of Wight especially brothers of the Lion Lodge 4612, Ryde, Isle of Wight. R.I.P.
Bro Ernie Leech K.O.M. Pg. Tyler 2001 Three Essentials Lodge 8142 North Kent Province. Who passed away in November 2001 at St Christopers Hospice South London after a battle against Cancer. He was well known in Plymouth, and will be sadly missed by all who know him
Deputy Grand Primo of BC, Bro. Royce Newman ROH. Bro. Royce is well  known amongst our Lodges and has been battling cancer for a long time.  This  good Brother will be sadly missed by the Members of our Order. May he rest  in peace at the Grand Lodge Link above. Passed away on November 22nd 2001
It is with great regret that I inform you that our Grand Secretary, The “Rt Hon Sir John Scarman” Passed away suddenly Saturday 26th. John has been Grand Secretary for around 27 years and was also the Editor of the  Queensland Buffalo Gazette. he was Secretary in Waterloo Bay Lodge No 72 and has supported many other Lodges over the years, he will be sadly missed by all those who knew him.
Bro. Robert (Jock) McCartney ROH. He was the oldest serving member of the Crossway Lodge 7061 being 89 years, and had served the lodge loyaly in many capacities including secretary, for about 10 years in the past. The Buffs was his life and always gave any help whenever he could. He will be sadly missed by all members of the lodge both past and present
Bro Tony Rankin CP,Mother lodge Priory(Tynemouth) Initiated 17-7-72. Affiliated to Britannia Lodge 3125,10-4-02.
Tragically killed in an RTA on his way home from work.
A big man with a big heart. A Man Of Worth.
Brother Stanley V Bailey aged 83 member in the ayrwell lodge No 8777
in the M. Gladback & Dist, West, German No 4. Passed away at 11.0clcock am 25th November 2002
Bro J E F Askey grand primo for the year 1980 passed away friday 10th january 2003
Bro Arthur Ford Aged 86, ROH PGP Leeds Province 1974 passed away January 6th 2003, well liked and respected (Progress Lodge 1166)
Sir Cecil James Rich ROH Life Member GLE of GLNZ . Died on the 28th January 2003 age 80yrs This Ex English Bro served 56yrs in the Order. He will be missed by the Brothers of Prince Charles Lodge 229 GLE NZ
Bro. Jeff Sampson ROH PGP of Nova Scotia GLO 2002. Born Jan. 19 1930 passed on to the Grand Link June 11 2003.
Brother James Monks Lodge Puckapunyal No 724 Passed away January 6 2003
Bro Peter Selby CP passed  to rest on the 19th day of October 1995 he will be dearly missed by his sons and the brothers of the cal vic
Ronald Whitaker of the Touring Sphinx Lodge No 3738 has passed on. He passed away on the 28th August 2003 at 1145 hours.
Walter George Sone ROH, who passed to the Grand Lodge above at 2205hrs on Saturday the 27/10/03 a member of the Vimy Lodge, Canterbury and Disctrict Province
IIt is with deep regret I have to inform you of the death of Bro. William Coley R.O.H. P.P.G.P. Epping Forest Province. He has been a member of our Order for over 50 years and was very proud of the Order and what it stands for. He passed over to the Grand Link at 04.00hrs Tuesday morning.
Bro. Alan Perkins, R.O.H., Grand Constable 1989 North Pembrokeshire Province passed to the Grand Link above in 2003
The Grand Primo of Queensland Anthony John Pearson passed away at 12.05 AEST on Sunday 2nd 2003 after a long battle with Cancer. may he rest in peace, Tony was only in his early 40’s
Bro James F Caswell ROH passed away to the Grand Lodge Above on December 27th 2003.He was 88 years old P.G.P 1963 P.Pres exam Council,PPKnigts Chapter Lodge secretary for 32 years and was an honary member London South Essex Province/Gordon Lodge No 7539 very well liked buff and will be dearly missed although never forgotten.
Grand Lodge Of British Columbia has lost two of thier members . Brother John Hall R.O.H. passed away on Dec 20 2003 and Brother Horace Paver R.O.H. passed away on Dec 25 2003. Both were sudden but expected as they were ill for a while
iIt is with great regret I have to announce the passing to the Grand Lodge above of the Rt Hon Sir Laurie Stokes, of Royal Amberley Lodge No 25. Laurie was a past Grand Primo and an original member of our Lodge,attending every meeting since 1972 when it opened, he will be sadly miss by so many in our Order. he passed away at 6am Aest Sunday 11th January 2004.
Bro. Bushy Pellett ROH Grand Minstrel 1977 Maidstone Province Passed away in his sleep this morning
(Wednesday 19th November) at 01.05.
Brother Roly James ROH, after a long battle with prostrate cancer last Sunday. Brother Roly had been our PG Secretary and delegate to Grand Lodge for about 15 years here in the Wallingford and District province. Passed away 25th January 2004
Brother Alfie Lawes Grand Minstrel 1984 at 1.30 am 18th February 2004
He was initiated into the R.A.0.B. in the Pride of Eastbourne Lodge, 6828. When it was decided to open a new Lodge to be known as the Royal Sussex Lodge 7892 he became a founder member. With rhe new Lodge, Brothers took on
jobs to get things going and after a couple of months or so, Albert had a go at being City Secretary and must have got something right because he served for 50years in the job until the Lodge, sadly with reduced membership amalgamated with the “Pride”again. He was now quite ill, but he didnt give up, and saw through the transfer of books goods and chattels from his home, which was much appreciated by the new Lodge and a presentation of a H.M.Jubilee jewel was made by Bro Alan Thorne R.O.H. C.Secretary. Alberts last Lodge attendance. Now, at 90 vears ot age Albert has “Left this life” and a shining light has gone from the Brighton Province. Bro Albert died Feb 2004 and was cremated with 13 Bros on the final link.
Bro Edward C. Morris Died in 1993 he was Initiated in Aug 1928 at the Astral Lodge 5117. He received 1st degree in 12/28 2nd 6/39 3rd 10/42. Primo from service Lodge 4875 in 1939 Knight of the Order of Merit from service Lodge 4875 Roll of Honour in 1955 Imp Lodge 1714 Fareham. and Honorary Membership Feb 1971.
Eric Wright Moore, who died 22nd June 2004 in Cherry Tree hospital, Stockport at the age of 96. He was initiated as a member of the Charity Lodge in the Town of Selby on 2nd December 1929. His number was 2866.
Arthur Vernon who was initiated in 1965,he died age 62 on 18/3/92 a member of No 5144 Lodge
Bro. Terence “Terry” Brunt ROH, who sadly departed this earth December 2004, will always be a part of Ethelreda Lodge No 8739, Ely, Cambs. He will be missed by all those of the Brotherhood who met him.
Brother Bernard Dales aged 49 died in 1999 1st january part of the legionaires lodge No2660 unexpectedly died of heartattack deeply missed and loved by son daniel dales and partner susan dales.
Bro Deryk James Howdle RoH pass into The Grand Link on 30th December 2004. both a Father and Brother to me who will not be forgotten by everyone who met him in his time in the Order
In memory of Bro Denis Mercer R O H Withington lodge 6406. Passed away on 30thOctober 2004. Very saddly missed by all his family friends and brothers.
I wish for the remembrance of my grandfather ( John Thorndyke ) whom passed away June 27 1995 aged 84,
Brother Norman Dickinson who died in 1989, HAILFAX PROV- G-L- P.G.P 1978
Bro. Albert David Skidmore was taken from us 18th of June 1962, he will be remembered
Bro. Mervyn Benjamin Flynn Member of the lodge at Buranda in 1959 Mem. No. 608. Died aged 64 on the 5th of March 1991.
Bro. Arthur Ashton of Stockport died on Tuesday 15th February 2005.
Brother Gordon Leslie Cammack, R.O.H. of the Loyal Vancouver Lodge No.1, Grand Lodge of British Columbia, Canada. Passed to Grand Lodge above February 22nd. 2005. Brother Gordon was admired by all who knew him, a Fifty Year member of the order all our thoughts go with him. God Bless you Gordy.
Brother Gary Nickolas of the Nechako Frazer Lodge No.16, of the Grand Lodge of British Columbia, Canada, Passed to the Grand Lodge above Wednesday, April 13th. 2005, and will surely missed by the good brothers that knew him.
Robert [Bob] Willings MacKay born 9 October 1913 in Ashburton , died 15 August 1981 in Christchurch.
Bob was a member of Lodge number 128 Star of Islington in the G.A of Canterbury – Worthy Prime was R Muir and Grand Secretary was F Walton.
Bro. Malcolm (NOBBY) Clarke. Taken from us 28/08/05 after a long illness. Sadly missed by all the brothers of the ROYAL STANDARD LODGE No. 24
RReginald simmonds (taffy) who died on 25 th december 2005 was a member of the dewsbury lodge
Bro Alan (Gazza) Gascoigne ROH PPGP 18th July 1936 – 21st August 2005-09-12 Bro Alan lost his brave battle with cancer August 21st 2005 He will be well remembered by all brethren from Whitley bay & District PGL along with his own Lodge Sir Henry Davison Lodge No.4473. He was well known around the UK and in Australia where he spent many happy holidays.
Edward Owen Francis, Lodge 1807. Born Woodmancote, England 1917, died in Paeroa, New Zealand 18.2.06. A brave soldier in war time who continued to be a brave soldier to passing. Leaving behind his dear wife Betty (age 89), son Nigel, grandchildren Karen, Andrew & Warwick, great grandchildren Kristin, Georgia, Erica, Daniel & Kelly. We have been truly bless with this man in our lives.
Pat Burslem was a brother of the royal order of antediluvian buffaloes under the Australasian Banner and according to a certificate in my possession he was initiated at the Dubbo (NSW) Lodge No. 262 on 11/1/1952.
Pat passed away on 14/4/1984 at Bourke in NSW and was buried in the Bourke cemetery on 17/4/1984.
Bro. William Hepplewhite R.O.H. Pride of Dinnington Lodge 4176. Sheffield Province. Passed Away on the 25th of December 1999
7th February 200 was the passing away of Bro Frederick Dipple ROH Always ready to jump in and correct younger brothers in buffalowism. Didn’t just attend lodge, but also kept a watchful eye on (his lodge) proceedings. Was the lodge auditor for many years and knew the job and nothing missed his eye. An upright true and strong buffalow.
Bro Frederick C. Wiggins K.O.M, D.G.P.
Induction to the Second Degree Rupert Lodge No.6731 Reading and District Province on 26.9.55, Knight Order of Merit 15.12.58 Rupert Lodge No.6731 later moved to Kent – Royal Kentish Banner installed as Provincial Grand Primo on 23.3.74 Pathfinder Lodge No.77 – installation to Grand Primo on 13.4.85 Pathfinder Lodge passed away on February 20th 1998
Bro Lee Olden James Westbury CP of St Albans lodge no 89 in canterbury provence, passed away suddenly on the 26 march 2006 in christchurch Sadly missed by the other 4 Westbury Bros all of the above lodge.
Bro Douglas James Savage R.O.H  Grand Australasian Banner passed away on April 9 2007 after 41 yrs service to the order he will be sadly missed by Lodge  Bayview  149 .

Brother William  Buckland Born 1930 Died 27 April 2000..Member of Ickenham GLE lodge and frequently attended lodges in Hayes and Southall Middlesex

Roy Hudd of Cheddar, formerly of Bristol, died suddenly on November 4th 2004 aged 68 years. He will be sadly missed by all his family and friends.
Brother Thomas McDonald. Left for the Grand Lodge Above on the 19/09/07. Provincial Grand Lodge of North Durham.

Sorely missed by Family and all who knew him

Brethren it is with deep sadness that I have to inform you of the passing to the Grand Lodge above this morning of Bro Bill Chessor ROH Bro. William George Chessor R.O.H.
I wish it to be known that Bro Cecil Raymond Copp passed to the Grand Lodge above on 2nd March 1978. My uncle Cecil was a Brother of The Loyalty Lodge No 5667 in the city of Exeter and was called to service on the 6th February 1951. He appertained to the degree of primo on the 2nd April 1957 and was elected as an affiliated member of the Ye Twyford Lodge
No 4928 on the 23 February 1970 as G.P. Cecil was a loyal and well respected member of The RAOB and is sadly missed by all who knew him.
Alan Herbert Towerzey ROH Initiated 21st July 1976 in the Heart of Gold Lodge – West Hertfordshire Province
CP 1st March 1978, KOM 19th May 1981, ROH 29 October 1986
Brother Graham Lowe ROH mother lodge Kings Pool. Wallingford .Oxfordshire
Passed away on June 12th 2002 aged 61years.Brother Royston Zimmer ROH mother lodge Kings Pool Wallingford, late of the Royal Pater. Pembroke Dock. West Wales
Passed away on 19th september 2007 aged 65years

Brothers – in – law ,initiated together into the Kings Pool from the Johnny walker lodge, situated at R A F Benson Oxfordshire.


Brother Harry Burdett passed away to the Grand Lodge above on 18 August 1993 – he was a dedicated Buff and was a brother in the British Legion Lodge, St Ives, Cambs for many years.
Bro Frederick C. Wiggins K.O.M, D.G.P.

Induction to the Second Degree Rupert Lodge No.6731 Reading and District Province on 26.9.55, Knight Order of Merit 15.12.58 Rupert Lodge No.6731
later moved to Kent – Royal Kentish Banner installed as Provincial Grand Primo on 23.3.74 Pathfinder Lodge No.77 – installation to Grand Primo on 13.4.85 Pathfinder Lodge passed away on February 20th 1998

Bro. Raymond Keenan C.P.Ater a fight against liver failure and heart disease. Sadly missed and remembered by wife Nelly and all his friends and Brethren of the Rumah Pantai Lodge, GLD Brunei.
Bro.Eric Foster ROH of the Royal Albert Lodge, Sheffield. Passed away following a tragic accident at work, October 17th 1972. He lived for the Buffs and his family. He will never be far from our thoughts.
Royston Charles Grigg who was initiated 27-8-65 Lodge no.9168 Hameln Germany.

Also attended Crater Lodge 9182 and Shakespeare Lodge 3928

He died July 30th 2001, 3pm at Joseph Weld Hospice, Herringston Road, Dorchester aged 64.

Brother Ken Thomas,of the John Wesley Lodge Cannock,Staffs.

Brother Kenneth passed on to the Grand Lodge above on August 17th 2006,.A dedicated Kangaroo for over 50 years,Sorely missed by all the brothers who had the pleasure of knowing him.

Bro Maurice Lewis ROH Member of the Shakesperian Escafeld Lodge No 4. Sheffield province. Passed away September 2005, aged 68 years old.Sadly missed by all who knew him
Brother Harry Waterhouse Lodge No 3017 Joined 10th September 1953. Died 7th June 2008 aged 84yrs.
Brother Reg Fox ROH.PPGP.PPKC.PPROHA. { this Brother was known as Foxy to all the Brothers in the North Bucks Province & Winsor and Uxbridge Province & the Brighton Province}

this Brother passed away to the Grand Lodge above  on 22th November 2007.

This Brother will be sorely missed  by all the Brothers and Provinces  which he attended


Brother Donald S Marsh ROH.PPGP.PPROHA.  passed  away to the grand lodge above in June 2006.

aged 73 years. Sorely missed by all.this Brother was  a member of the North Bucks Province.

Brother Philip Ford, Loyal Sedgemoor, 1960’s. Died August 2008 at Canterbury.
Brother Derick M Brown ROH PPGPp of the scarborough and east yorkshire province died october 2008 after a short illness will be greatly missed
Stephen Joseph Orme of the Sir John Dalton Lodge Stockport No 1079
BRO John Henry Carter he was a member of the Lodge 7967, He died 27th December 2008 and was a great dad and granddad will be sadly missed by all
Hon Sir Graham Herrington ROH passed to the Grand Lodge Above on December 26th 2008, aged 52, after a long illness.

Hon Sir Graham had been a great supporter of the Order and his courage in facing his terminal condition was an example to us all

CYRIL ANTHONY FAWCETT, Primo of `LAMBTON LODGE NO5` 1945. He passed away in Canada on 3rd March 2001.
Brother Eric Butterworth, Tyler. Grace Dieu Lodge 1885 (Leicestershire). Passed away in Thringstone, Leicestershire August 1978. Re-united with his beloved wife, Emma.
Bro Edwin Gray aged 63 years passed away saturday 4th april 2008 Bro Edwin was the City Treasurer in the Flower of Scotland lodge 10328 in Rosyth central and East Fife province missed by all family,freinds and lodge members
Ronald Arthur Burdge AE 0804 Pride of Darfield Lodge No. 1830 passed away 1st March, 2009 at Canterbury, Kent, aged 81 years
Bro. Robert (Bobby) Barr, who went through his First Degree on 4 February 1947, died November 1983.  Member of Lodge Honestas, Musselburgh.  Missed by all.
Brother Keith Stewart Millar Passed away suddenly on 25th of September 2008 Joined in Napier lodge num 37 18th of September 1964  then married shiffted  to Kaiapoi and joined  Kairangi  Lodge NO 299
Bro Aubrey Richard Barnard sadly passed away on June 7th 2002. He was inscribed upon the Scroll of the Roll of Honour of the Grand Lodge of England on 9th March 1973 by the River Jordan Lodge no 7335. He had been unwell for a number of years after taking early retirement but was always attending Lodge meetings when his health allowed
Bro. Frank Wilkinsonr was initiated as a member of the Order in the Royal Oak Lodge No. 85 on 8th April, 1972. He died at the age of 93 in the William Harvey Hospital, Ashford, Kent on 21st October, 2009, following a short illness.
Bro. J. Ramage of Princess Lodge 7810, Ash, Surrey 2nd April 1916 – 20th July 2001 – aged 85
In memory of our dear father William James Evans inducted to the Degree of Primo on 9th October 1974, Glenboi Lodge No. 9922.  Departed 5th day of May 1981, aged 39 years.  Always in our thoughts, love Ellen and Robert
In memory of Karl Robert Eric Martin-Smith RAF retired, many years an RAOB member, died in Suffolk in March 2000 after a very long illness.
in remembrance of john t collins who died in 2003 a member of the buffaloe from oct 1957 r.i.p
Bro Leonard Frederick Rutledge d.o.b. 28.12.1919 Looe. Cornwall , passed away on 8th January 2010, at the Great Western Hospital, Swindon.

Len, as he was known, was a member of the Battersea Lodge, Ravenscourt Lodge No.22

Hon Sir Eric Strowger ROH, George Crabbe Lodge No 2086, Grand Lodge of England Ltd, passed the Grand Link above on Monday 18th January 2010.

Bro Eric will be sorely missed by the brothers of the George Crabbe Lodge

William (Bill) Taylor ROH PPGP left us 9/27/1999 aged 63.  Missed by his family as well as his many friends and brothers in the order.
Brother James Ogden ROH. PPGP.P.P.ROH.Assembly.  North Bucks Province.  Died during  2009
Brother George Hannan ROH.   North Bucks Province.  Died during  2009
Brother Bill Carroll ROH.   North Bucks Province.  Died during  2009
Brother Edwin Victor Barnett ROH member, died 29th June, 1980, aged 97.
Attended Lodges in London areas then later in Rising Sun Lodge, Hawkes Bay, New Zealand.
Brother Stanley Wallwork Born 02 02 1928 attended a buffalo meeting above the facit conservative club in  facit whitworth rochdale he died 08 02 1985
Geoffery G. Auvache Croyland Abbey Logde No. 2560 Member since 1977 died on the 30th June 2010
JOHN SAIT  ROH passed away 1st September 2010 Initiated into Dover Patrol Lodge,

Attended Pharos de Dubris Lodge and Shornecliffe Unity Lodge.

It is with deep regret that I have to inform you, of the passing of the late Bro Brian Partridge R.O.H. Grand Reg 1980.  He died at 2345 hrs on Thursday 17th February 2011.  He had fought his illness for some time and had done all he could

They shall not grow old, as we that are left grow old. Age shall not weary, nor the years condem them. At the going down of the sun, and in the morning, We will Remember them.