Everybody knows homeowners insurance is an absolute necessity for anyone who owns their home. In fact, many banks and lending agencies will not even give loans to new home buyers without the home guaranteed to be insured. This protection extends to everything from lawsuits, to damage and can be the difference between tragedy and survival. However, renter’s insurance, while less known, is just as important as homeowners insurance, to anyone who rents their home. 

This is especially true of those who rent in Florida. Renters Insurance Fl can help protect against the common damage that is unique to those living in the coastal state. Florida is more prone to hurricanes and similar water damage and thus is usually more protective in cases where this type of damage is involved. The amount and type of protections offered by Renters Insurance FL can be customized to suit any needs presented by the customer. This makes renters insurance even more important to anyone who is in a high risk area for damage or theft. Ultimately, Renters Insurance FL is crucial to anyone wishing to protect their home and belongings. 

Here are some common things that are covered by Renters Insurance FL Policies according to https://floridainsurancequotes.net/renters-insurance/understanding-tenant-insurance-florida/:

No. One: Theft or Stolen item from a Break-In

Items that are stolen or damaged in the event of a theft or break in are commonly covered by Renters insurance. This means, even if the culprit is not caught, owners are not responsible for the replacement of their valuables that are either stolen or damaged following the break in. This can be very important in the case of electronics and other highly valuable items that are in the rented home. The value of the items that are stolen are often quickly made up for in the case of theft.

No. Two: Damage from Fire, Flood or Natural Disaster

This is perhaps one of the most important coverage points offered by Renters Insurance FL. Natural disaster damage from water and hurricanes are more common in the state than in just about any other. However, policies also usually cover damages from fire and other tragic events that can leave renters with nothing. This also includes flood damage from inside sources, like a broken pipe or water valve, meaning that even if the source is not deemed to be an “act of god” which is common in natural disasters, the belongings damaged are still covered. 

No. Three: Damage to the Building

While this may be more of an issue for a landlord, building damage also has protection for the renter. If the home is so badly damaged it cannot be inhabited until repaired, renters insurance FL will often offer special coverage to help renters either find a place to stay for the repairs or to completely move to a more suitable living condition. This can often include short stays in hotels or motels or even expenses for moving and deposits on other rental properties. Either way, it ensures renters have a place to stay even if the worst happens.