I’m sure that some of you are wondering how this site came into existence. Following approaches by myself and other Brethren, our Grand Lodge has given Provinces and Lodges permission to set up pages, subject to a few limitations.

toneA brother of the Pride of Manston Lodge in Ramsgate Kent, Bro. Len Grimes, Certified Primo, whilst searching the Internet chanced across links to some Lodges, one of which has a visitor book. Through that visitor book I started sending Emails to the Brothers, and the replies I received were very encouraging. Most agreeing with my sentiments about the Order having an international web site to pull together the various Lodge and Province pages.

I will declare that this enterprise is not a commercial one even tho I do support insurancequote.deals, and my sole purpose for doing this is to help to get the Order into the 21st century, to bring Brothers of the Order closer together and thus to strengthen the unity of our Brotherhood, by helping and encouraging Brethren of the Order to keep in contact.

If any brother reading this has any ideas for improving the site I would welcome their comments.

Tony Goodman ROH